I didn’t post yesterday because I was too busy reading and researching. I found that another of the cardiologists on the ABC programme has published another pop science book Dr Ernest Curtis author of “The Cholesterol Delusion”   (2010 Dog Ear Publishing) who describes the heart/diet, cholesterol lipid theory as “scientifically bankrupt.”  At least he doesn’t seem to be trying to sell any supplements.

Science giant?  – all the articles, books and interviews that purport to give us the information we need. Marketing mammoth – everything from major Pharmaceutical companies to doctors promoting their brand of supplements (perhaps even their books – who wouldn’t want a best seller to their name?)  Confused little person – everyman/woman ….me!

What I don’t quite understand is that if there is such a body of respectable and respected medical people who find the cholesterol theory unproven, to say the least, how come they don’t get more air time? And I don’t mean on Australian TV  – I mean in the Lancet, the BMJ, in serious scientific journals?

I’m now reading Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s book

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At first the sarcastic jokey style irritated me (to be honest, it still does a bit), but I think perhaps this is how he deals with his rage and frustration.

Anyway, I’ve not take Atorvastatin for two nights.  I haven’t died.  Yet. In fact Helen at Cardiac Rehab said that my arterial disease is so mild that even if I had more heart attacks at that site they were unlikely to kill me.  I hope to God she’s right.

I’ve cut bread out of my diet completely, and am eating much smaller amounts of starchy carbohydrate altogether – a Ryvita, a little pasta or potato – but still plenty of fruit and lots of fish and eggs. Some red meat, which I’d almost stopped eating.  My weight is going down and so is my waist: I can see the difference in the mirror (and the tape measure already).

Plan:  Keep reading, keep thinking and continue the rather terrifying task of taking responsibility for my own health.