Starting out…

Thank you for visiting my site. It’s a collection of my paintings and drawings – those that I think are good to look at but also those that didn’t work so well, or where I’ve had several attempts at creating something before either achieving a work that I like or giving up in despair!  Every picture is a journey – a journey through vision, through experience and through craft.  My pictures are not intended to be great works of art but expressions of how I see the world and interpret it through the media I use – mainly drawing and watercolour – and through the limitations of my skill.

The reproductions posted here are either scans or taken from my phone camera.

I loved painting and drawing as a child but for most of my adult life did little apart from a brief foray into oils in when I was in my mid-20s.  What brought me back to painting was retirement, which has given me time, and the enjoyment I found in  short course on botanical illustration run by an excellent teacher, Debbie Devauden.   So the first of my recent drawings and paintings were of botanical subjects.

Physalis 2014

Physalis. 2014

I was also inspired by the wonderful portfolio books that my daughter produced  for her A Level Art and I wanted to create something similar – a book of studies and commentary.    I’d almost forgotten about mine until I started looking for some of my earlier pictures in order to start this site.  This is a typical page…

20171018_124841 (1)

What captivated me from those early botanical classes was the clarity of colour and light that can be achieved using watercolours and that above all  is what I am trying to develop in my painting – images that reflect a little of the beauty of light and colour in our everyday world.


20171018_124006 (1)

Iris 2014 Pen and watercolour pencil

Daffodil 2 February goldDaffodil 2            Daffodil 2015-03-17 13.35.03Daffodil 2015-03-17 13.34.40

Daffodil 2015-03-17 13.34.53Daffodil painting 2015-03-18 10.34.50

Daffodil portrait 2015-03-29 14.42.24

Daffodil Studies, March 2015. Pencil and watercolour.